6-in-1 Hydro Dermabrasion Facial

This facial uses a Small Bubble Machine that combines 6 functions together. It rapidly penetrates the skin pores, deeply cleanses and increases oxygen in the blood, activates cell and skin aging function, pulling compact, wrinkle and other effects.The Multipolar RF compacts shaping and face-lifting. The Bio microcurrent allows the jaw-line to be tightened and the Bio raised the overall tightening of the facial skin. The dermabrasion does the deep cleansing, peeling and pore cleansing as well. The use of high-frequency ultrasound improves its skin cell metabolism, promotes blood circulation and enhances the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Hence, the result is a firmer skin which is smooth and wrinkle-free because collagen is rebuilt and moisture loss is prevented.

Duration : 120 min